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Tap into their contracts, track your project, new records, ask questions from the control panel at any time and from anywhere. Our team will assist you.
[1] Licensor [2] Escrow Agent and Multi-Beneficiary: Licensee. Escrow Agreement terms prepared by Licensor or Licensee. Standardized Terms. Licensor and Escrow Agent sign the Escrow Agreement. Software Licensees sign “User Enrolment Schedule”. Deposit Method: Physical / Electronic                                                              
Define in consultation with Escrow Agent -> Executable object code ->Supporting intellectual property including all third party tools-> Application programming interfaces -> Schematics of software components-> Detailed documentation-> Instructions and procedures for set up, compilation and execution-> Encryption keys and passwords-> Contact information for technical support personne-> Electronic and hard copy versions.
Agencia Escrow  is a multinational company that delivers professional services specialized in ESCROW SOFTWARE, where source codes require custody, user manuals and confidenciality of high security information regarding projects from big companies. We protect the maintenance services of customers which are normally linked to high performance projects from public sources at an international level.
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"Intellectual Property Protection."
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