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Agencia Escrow® is a Spanish multinational corporation with more than 10 years of experience in SOFTWARE ESCROW and supplementary services for IP protection. Our operations and commercial structure expands into Spain, Latin America and the United States.

As means of recognition, the Spanish Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO) has certified and included Agencia Escrow® in its official catalogue “Inteco Cert” as the only certified corporation providing software Escrow services in Spain. INTECO is an government organization dependant on the Spanish Ministry of Industry.

In addition to escrow, we can also provide software developers with some additional added-value services, such as verifying, auditing and guarding their software, including not only their source code, but also their user manuals and additional documents, always guaranteeing confidentiality.

Our corporation relies on a team of highly qualified specialists in Software Escrow services . We have put together a team of professionals with recognized expertise in the fields of consulting, auditing and software protection and safe-keeping, both at domestic and international levels.

Our professionals, called "Escrow Agents", provide their insight in Technology, Engineering and Law, making available for our clients a prompt and safe process for the implementation of their management plans for Intangible Assets, also allowing them to customize their agreements, with significant cost savings

e-mail: info@agenciaescrow.com
tel: +(34) 917372574
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