Software Escrow


1.- Developers carry out the project.

2.- The customer wishes the warranty and continuity of the project through custody of the source codes.

3.- The Escrow Agent analyzes the situation, writes a tailored contract, writes the notary file and seals it for international validity. 

4.- The Project is maintained annually and carries out meeting with the Agent and with the parties.

5.- The Project is guarded by the notary (optional) and by the authorization by the Escrow Agent. It is updated by the developers for further versions.


Escrowed Materials - What:

Ø Define in consultation with Escrow Agent (technical personnel)

o   Executable object code

o   Supporting intellectual property including all third party tools

o   Application programming interfaces

o   Schematics of software components

o   Detailed documentation

o   Instructions and procedures for set up, compilation and execution

o   Encryption keys and passwords

o   Contact information for technical support personnel

Ø Electronic and hard copy versions

Verification provides assurance that:

•       Escrowed Materials are complete

•       Licensee will be able to implement, use and maintain Licensor’s technology

•       Implementation can be completed quickly and effectively


Escrow Agent Verification:

Ø Verification services:

o   Comprehensive Verification of Escrowed Materials:



Functionality Testing

Ø Should be determined in conjunction with technical personnel

Ø Key to an effective Escrow Agreement

Ø Escrow manteinance:

Ø SLA: Ceasing to carry on business (in respect of maintaining and supporting the software)

Ø Force Majeure event rendering Licensor unable to carry on business in normal course or fulfill material obligations under the License Agreement

Ø Breach of obligations

Ø Change of control/sale of assets

Ø Licensor becomes insolvent or the subject of receivership

Ø Contact information for technical support personnel (contractors including outsourcers)

Standard Release Process:

Ø The Licensee notifies Escrow Agent and Licensor that Release Event has occurred

o   Affidavit with specifics of the Release Event

Ø The Licensor has specified number of days to respond

o   If the Licensor agrees Release Event has occurred, Escrow Agent delivers copy of the Escrowed Materials to the Licensee

o   If the Licensor does not respond, Escrow Agent delivers copy of the Escrowed Materials to the Licensee

o   If the Licensor in good faith disputes the occurrence of the Release Event

Affidavit with specifics of good faith dispute

Dispute submitted to [expedited] dispute resolution

Escrow Agent retains Escrowed Materials until final decision  

Include license in License Agreement and Escrow Agreement:

Ø Current (not future or conditional) grant

Ø Perpetual license

License should encompass the rights to:

Ø Use the Escrowed Materials (including to make derivative works)

Ø Relocate software to other hardware or locations

Ø Make backup copies

Ø Provide 3rd parties with access to Escrowed Materials (affiliates and contractors including outsourcers)

Ø Standard of Care and Liability of Escrow Agent

Ø Notice Provision

Ø Force Majeure

Ø Licensor Concerns:

o   Non-disclosure obligations (other than Verification and Release)

o   Timeframe to cure defaults/breaches

o   Precise Dispute Resolution provisions

o   Return of all complete or partial copies of Escrowed Materials (including derivative works)

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