Frequently Asked Questions

Can the beneficiary access the source code anytime?

NO, they can’t. Only when the results of our annual audit conclude with the activation of the access clauses can the beneficiary access the code. Usual causes for activation are bankruptcy of or global product disruption by the developer. When the developer is affiliated to a business group which maintains the software, the beneficiary will not have access to the code in escrow either, even the developer who signed the contract does no longer maintain it.

What is a source code verification contract?

Under a source code verification contract Agencia Escrow performs the following tasks:

  1. Checking the content of the information storage device provided by the developer (i.e. a flash drive) and that should contain the application´s source code, the object code and application manuals
  2. Generating the hash functions of each of the elements delivered, in order to ensure the integrity of the data
  3. Verification of source code compilation performed by the appointed technicians
  4. Comparison of the results against the object code originally delivered
  5. Verification of the correct execution the compiled software in the licensee´s environment
  6. Checking the seals on the storage device
  7. Production of expert´s reports
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