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When the escrow of a source code is performed, it is most convenient to perform a verification of such a code. Our SOFTWARE VERIFICATION control process ensures that the software meets its specifications and satisfies the user’s needs, providing transparency to escrow.

Our verification involves the collection, grouping and evaluation of evidence to determine whether or not a computer system safeguards the information assets, maintains data security and integrity and performs efficiently the organization’s goals in full compliance with all regulations in force.

Our computer engineers specialized in Systems Audit carry out the software checks, and they follow the strictest standards of confidentiality, thus providing transparency to escrow process and adding value to our client’s business.




Our maintenance and supervision of the escrow contract is performed in ongoing basis, ensuring the parties to the contract that the agreement and its guarantees remain fully effective. Our service watches over and pursues that all the clauses and requirements as agreed in the escrow contract remain unchanged during the stipulated term. In case our audit detects a change, we report it and pursue its correct update, so that the agreement remains in force.

A complete audit of the software in escrow provides our clients with a detailed report on its condition and operability. We also prepare for them a plan aimed to ensure an optimum level of their computer systems. Therefore, and thanks to our service, not only our clients are able to detect any shortage in their systems but Agencia Escrow®, in our role as consultants, will also suggest improvements and cost-efficient lines for future stages of software development.


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